ISSN: 1300-7777 E-ISSN: 1308-5263
Turk J Hematol: 26 (2)
Volume: 26  Issue: 2 - 2009
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1.From the editor
Aytemiz Gürgey
Page 46 (1663 accesses)
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2.Acute promyelocytic leukemia and differentiation therapy: molecular mechanisms of differentiation, retinoic acid resistance and novel treatments
Bülent Özpolat
Pages 47 - 61 (3676 accesses)

3.Premarital hemoglobinopathy screening in Kocaeli, Turkey: a crowded industrial center on the north coast of Marmara Sea
Nazan Sarper, Vijdan Şenkal, Fatih Güray, Özcan Şahin, Jülide Bayram
Pages 62 - 66 (3311 accesses)

4.Utility of daily catheter-drawn blood cultures to predict catheter-related bacteremia in hematopoietic stem cell transplanted patients
Maria Velasco, Montserrat Rovira, Josep Mensa, Manel Almela, Enric Carreras
Pages 67 - 71 (2190 accesses)

5.Serum Erythropoietin Levels in Pediatric Hematologic Disorders and Impact of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin Use
Mualla Çetin, Sule Unal, Fatma Gumruk, Aytemiz Gurgey, Çiğdem Altay
Pages 72 - 76 (2559 accesses)

6.Influence of cholesterol on shape parameters of erythrocytes in hyperglycemic subjects
Babu Narayanan
Pages 77 - 81 (2696 accesses)

7.Role of cytosolic calcium and actin polymerization on agonist-induced secretion by the platelets of liver cirrhosis patients
Annie-jeyachristy Sam, Geetha Arumugam, Surendran Rajagopal, Arulprakash Sarangapani, Jeevan Kumar Subburayan
Pages 82 - 89 (2484 accesses)

8.The association of bladder myeloid sarcoma and unclassified myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative disease
Mehmet Sonmez, Ümit Çobanoğlu, Sevdagül Mungan, Bircan Sönmez, Rasin Özyavuz
Pages 90 - 92 (2397 accesses)

9.Hyperfibrotic myelodysplastic syndrome: a report of three cases from north India
Prasenjit Das, Deepali Jain, Reena Das, Gurjeevan Garewal
Pages 93 - 96 (4104 accesses)

10.Acute myeloid leukemia following radioactive iodine therapy for papillary carcinoma of the thyroid
Jain Ankit, Premalata C. S., Saini K. S., Bapsy P. P., Sajeevan K. V., Tejinder Singh, Ullas Batra, Babu Govind, Lokanatha Dasappa, Suresh Atilli, Permeshwar R.
Pages 97 - 99 (4175 accesses)

11.Compound heterozygosity for Hb D-Punjab / β-thalassemia and blood donation: case report
Stamatia Theodoridou, Michael Alemayechou, Parthena Perperidou, Clio Sinopoulou, Theano Karafoulidou, Georgia Kiriakopoulou
Pages 100 - 101 (3313 accesses)
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12.Leishmaniasis in Yemeni children
Şinasi Özsoylu
Page 102 (2402 accesses)
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13.Premarital and antenatal screening of Hb-Los Angeles
Şinasi Özsoylu
Page 103 (1891 accesses)
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14.Gingival and lip hypertrophy induced by cyclosporin A treatment in an aplastic anemia patient
Illias Tazi
Page 104 (1776 accesses)
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