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Association of IL-2-330T/G and IL-10-1082A/G genetic polymorphisms with B NHL in a cohort of Egyptians [Turk J Hematol]
Turk J Hematol. Ahead of Print: TJH-03342 | DOI: 10.4274/tjh.2017.0106  

Association of IL-2-330T/G and IL-10-1082A/G genetic polymorphisms with B NHL in a cohort of Egyptians

Hala Aly Abdel Rahman1, Mervat Mamdooh Khorshied2, Ola Mohamed Reda Khorshid3, Heba Mahmoud Mourad4
1Cairo University Kasr Alainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo, Egypt
2Cairo University Kasr Alainy Faculty of Medicine - Clinical and Chemical Pathology, Cairo, Egypt
3National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, Egypt, Cairo, Egypt
4Cairo, Egypt

Objective: Polymorphisms in IL-2 and IL-10 genes have been known to be associated with increased risk of different immune-dysregulated disorders and cancer as Non Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). The aim of the current study was to investigate the possible association between IL-2-330T/G and IL-10-1082A/G genetic variations and B-cell NHL in a cohort of Egyptians.
Materials and Methods: Genotyping of the candidate genetic variations was performed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique for 100 adult B-NHL patients and 100 age and sex matched healthy blood donors as controls.
Results: IL-2 variant allele was significantly higher in B-NHL patients than controls and conferred almost twofold increased risk of B-NHL (OR= 1.91, 95%CI= 1.28-2.85) and was associated with advanced performance status score. IL-2 polymorphism conferred almost threefold increased risk of aggressive B-NHL (OR= 2.64, 95%CI= 1.35 –5.15) and fourfold increased risk of indolent B-NHL among Egyptians (OR= 4.34, 95%CI= 1.20 –15.7). There was no significant difference in the distribution of IL-10-1082A/G genotypes between B-NHL patients and controls. Co-inheritance of the variant genotypes of IL-2 and the common genotype of IL-10 conferred almost sixfold increased risk of B-NHL (OR= 5.75, 95%CI=1.39 – 23.72), while co-inheritance of the variant genotypes of IL-2 and IL-10 conferred fivefold increased risk of B-NHL (OR=5.43, 95%CI= 1.44 – 20.45). The variant genotypes of either IL-2-330T/G or IL-10-1082A/G had no effect on disease free survival of B-NHL patients.
Conclusion: The current study highlights the possible involvement of IL-2-330T/G genetic polymorphism in the susceptibility to B-NHL in Egypt, especially indolent subtypes. Moreover, IL-10-1082A/G is not a molecular susceptibility marker for B-NHL in Egyptians.

Keywords: IL-2-330T/G, rs2069762, IL-10-1082A/G, rs1800896, B-NHL, Egypt

Corresponding Author: Hala Aly Abdel Rahman, Türkiye

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